Mine PVC Tarps

Our PVC tarps are extensively used in the mining industry.
Normally we recommend 700GSM heavy duty PVC, this is robust and long lasting.

It is UV stabilised and has the following strength characteristics:

Warp Tensile Strength: 2000N/5cm
Weft Tensile Strength: 1700N/5cm
Warp Tear Strength: 300N
Weft Tear Strength: 170N
Weld Adhesion: 80N/5cm
Other grades are also available, including heavier grades.

All our PVC is UV stablised.
The PVC is not flammable so inherently fire retardant but extra fire retardant treatment can be specified on request.
Very large tarps can be manufacture (up to and over 1000m2).
Tarps can also be joined with weather-proof systems to cover ANY size area.
PVC is resistant to a wide array of chemicals including many acids.
Please enquire about your application to confirm the resistance to the chemicals.