Our Team

Our team has decades of experience which sets us aside from the rest.

Our understanding and knowledge of PVC-welding positions us perfectly to support the industry.

Our technical director has 15 years’ experience in the engineering field, spending the last 9 years of his career in the PVC conversion (tarpaulin manufacturing) industry.

Our financial director understands the need for personalized pricing based on volumes.

We have a large team of welders and specialist to cater for any inquiry, be it big or small.

Our workforce has many years of discerning experience in the manufacturing industry, including specialised skills relating to PVC sheeting work.

We pride ourselves in a high quality level of work and quick turnaround time. 

One of our greatest strengths is our versatility and willingness to take on custom jobs with new challenges.


We are a certified importer and exporter, with SADC certification.

Customs Client number 21795137